Ok Ok we get it you LOVE bath bombs!  Join our auto-ship program and we'll send you 10 beautifully packaged bath bombs every month to enjoy (at a really great discount too!).  So to re-cap that's 10 guaranteed days a month of pure relaxation and bliss in the tub for $42.50! 


We will do our best to mix things up every month, sending new fragrances, new designs and quite possibly a bonus item here or there!  


If you have any specific requests, just drop them in the notes of your order and we'll accomodate.  Such as "please don't send lavender, I despise lavender almost as much as my ex-husband" or "Lavender is my jam, I put lavender under my pillow at night, send lavender everything please!"


Our bath bombs are made to order, so you're always getting a fresh product from us.  They are made by hand right here in Chicago, so we're able to leave out all the pesky ingredients you might find elsewhere.  


Do our bath bombs stain the tub, your skin, your towels or your cat?  

  • Uh please don't put your cat in the tub, but No our bath bombs are completely water soluble.  No mess, no fuss, no coconuts (ok I'm getting carried away).


Our recipe:

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Safflower Oil, Castor Oil, Polysorbate 80 (*emsulsifier for dispersing oils and colors into the water), Fragrance, FD&C grade cosmetic colorant.

  • Some bath bombs contain naturals such as lavender buds, oatmeal, dried flowers etc
  • We do use a dusting of biodegradable glitter on some of our bath bombs, and/or sugar sprinkles.

Bath Bomb Club - Auto Ship

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