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The story of LuxeBleu is a simple, yet beautiful journey. In 2014 I decided to take a risky journey into entrepreneurship, leaving my corporate world behind and diving into the unknown.  The first year in production I'd like to chalk up to a "learning experience" as most of us have.  I've created many products that never really made it off the shelves in that first year, but those failed attempts always led me to great fantastic creations! I'm proud of where we are as a business, I say we because without the help and support of family, staff and friends, this business would still be in infancy stage (trust me).  

Whether you're looking for a gift, a treat for yourself, or to embark on a business partnership with our wholesale line, you've found the right place!  We believe in buying local and proudly support that by purchasing each and every ingredient we use right here in the beautiful USA.

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