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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

At LuxeBleu we have one main objective.  That is to give you products that truly help give you radient looking skin, all while having fun!  We believe there is a general misconception out there, that natural needs to look and smell boring to be any good for you.  "hogwash" we say! 

we stand by our creations 100%, but we also understand pleasing everyone in the entire world is probably not realistic. that said, if you're not madly, deeply, in love with our goods, please let us know & we promise to fix the problem, no questions asked.

fun, funky, handmade with love, fresh, and natural....what are you waiting for?


Nearly 10 years ago, I started testing and creating bath & body products for myself and family. I had no idea the passion that would spark inside me to continue to create, design, and perfect (as much as possible) with this business. 

Although we've grown, I still consider myself a local artisan. I enjoy throwing on an apron, getting my hands (gloved of course!) dirty, and sometimes surprising myself with an awesome new creation! 

Nowadays, you can find our products in trendy boutiques, spas and malls all over the usa.  whether you're looking to grow your business, or a treat for yourself, we are a one stop unique experience you won't soon forget!

Never Tested 
on Animals

This section doesn't need much explaination. we love animals, all animals. nothing we ever make is tested on animals, ever, period.